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A 1000 System


When people develop memory systems, they try to have images to express digits 0 to 9, numbers 00 to 99, and numbers 000 to 999.

It is a lot of work to learn a 000 to 999 system of images.

One approach would be to combine:

500 of the animal images from the Shorthand Images articles; and

500 images from the AA to ZZ system - and to work out a way in which they serve their original purpose but also represent digits from 000 to 999.

Another approach would be to create 1000 fresh cartoon people.

I can use the 100 syllables we came across earlier; and also use the system for representing digits 0 to 9 as letters:

Number Two Digits End Digit Syllable End Character Word
000 00 0 BA L BAL
001 00 1 BA J BAJ
002 00 2 BA B BAB
003 00 3 BA N BAN
004 00 4 BA D BAD
005 00 5 BA F BAF
006 00 6 BA S BAS
007 00 7 BA G BAG
008 00 8 BA H BAH
009 00 9 BA W BAW
010 01 0 BE L BEL
011 01 1 BE J BEJ
012 01 2 BE B BEB
013 01 3 BE N BEN
014 01 4 BE D BED
015 01 5 BE F BEF

For the full list, visit here.

Once these people exist as images, you can associate trivia with them such as:

the person's favourite word: each of the people could be associated with a frequently used word in conversation. That way, if you need to learn the word's equivalent in a foreign language, you can imagine a story involving the person and an AA to ZZ image that begins the spelling of the foreign word.

You could have that 1000 people system be males; and then make a further 1000 image system with female images; and associate a further 1000 dictionary words with them.

From there, variations on those 2000 images may lead to an even bigger system.... but that is a topic for another tutorial.

I have had a draft 1000 word vocabulary for some years now; I want to craft it to a high standard before I publish it in a new form.

I have 10 hair styles, 10 faces and 10 nose:mouth combinations for making male faces; plus several other rules for making faces more individual; but there is similarity between faces - I think the way past that would be the use of interactive games so that someone really zones in on the individuality of each image.