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A 1000 System


When people develop memory systems, they try to have images to express digits 0 to 9, numbers 00 to 99, and numbers 000 to 999.

It is a lot of work to learn a 000 to 999 system of images.

I am now keen on using a system I developed of 1000 cartoon woman images and a system I developed of 1000 cartoon man images

I did have a plan to use the 100 shop themes (from earlier in the course) as a way to organise images of vocabulary.

So the Bank category (abbreviation: BA) would hold vocabulary words relating to money or banking, for instance.

I can use the 'Town 100 System' 100 icons but imagine them coloured in 10 colours depending on which of the 10 items I am trying to represent as an image.

One use of the 'Town 100 System' 100 icons is that I can imagine them in colours 1 to 10 as a way to state which of 10 Banking words I want to memorise in a peg system story:

If the BAnking image of a round coin is coloured orange then it means vocab word 1.

Another 1000 system idea I have can involve cartoon people. The aim is to represent actions. Each person would have one and only one action. Giving an image one and only one action is an idea I had after reading a memory book by Harry Lorayne many years ago - not being sure if that was Lorayne's approach; but thinking that it would be a good approach.

The approach is to look at the shorthand system article and to pick out 1000 shorthand words which I could imagine as an action. In fact, I could only succeed at that three quarters of the time; so I also put in actions which are visual but have no close relationship to the vocabulary word ordinal number. (That may make sense after you have read more of the course!)

Each of those 1000 shorthand words would itself be visualised as a person; where, for instance, the shorthand code ('B5' = Bad) would dictate physical aspects of the person's appearance. The clothing and colour of the person's clothing would indicate the ordinal position of the person in the 1000 list.

Note: For people who already know a lot about mnemonics: If you know about techniques for memorising cards then you might be interested in how 676 of these actions (13 x 4 suits x 13) can be imagined in 4 colours to represent any card pair. (It further develops an idea I wrote about years ago on my Yahoo group.)

The 1000 Women system is also called the Mandarin Woman system because I was developing it as a way to gradually learn a bit of Chinese; but just think of it as a system of 1000 numbered woman cartoon images - each of which can mean a word in a big vocabulary list; or mean a visual action for a mnemonics story.

The original aim was to encrypt some pinyin and other detail in the colours and choices of the drawing of each woman; but then I changed my mind because, once I know the 1000 images, I can imagine them doing actions or saying acrostics which are mnemonics for the pinyin, etc. that I want to memorise.

The 1000 Women System article.

The 1000 Men System article.