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The AA to ZZ System


You can use the start of a word as a prompt - a bit like if you are doing a quiz and someone prompts you the first two letters of the answer. So, down the numbered list of items to memorise, you can have a two letter prompt at each place on the list.

For example, if 'Rome' is an item to remember as essay point number 10 in an essay then item 10 (imagined as a place that is place 10) can be imagined in a scene involving the image for 'RO' since 'Rome' begins with 'Ro..'.

You can make an AA to ZZ system (ie. all letter pairs like AA, AB, AC, ZY, ZZ) by finding 26 images for each of the 26 categories below:

Note: The first 10 people (A-J) of a category can be male and the next 10 (K to T) can be female. This will work nicely for another feature of the course. The U-Z images can be male or female.

Roles of Actors
A Comedy
B Horror
C Romance
D Detective
E Western

F Tennis
G Soccer
H Rugby and Boxing
I Athletics
J Other

Comic Books
K Marvel characters
L DC Characters
M Newspaper cartoons
N Disney characters
O Other

P Sitcom
Q Drama or Thriller
R Presenters and comedians
S Soap opera

T 1960s musicians
U 1970s musicians
V 1980s musicians
W 1990s musicians
X 2000s musicians

Y Mythological gods and man-like beasts from mythology (some from movies)
Z People in history (images of actors from historical genre films)

Note: You could also use as prompts the images for letters A to Z but that would be a significantly weaker prompt than the two letter approach:

A = Apple, B = Beer, C = Cone, D = Dragon

E = Edge, F = Fence, G = Gas canister, H = Harp

I = Ink, J = Jump, K = Keg, L = Lens

M = Mug, N =Negligent, O = Ogre, P = Pain (a person who is a pain)

Q = Quick ('get rich quick' salesman, R = Rigid like a stuck window frame, S = Smoke, T = Togetherness outlook

U = Ungainly, V = Vagabond, W = Wag of a dog of its tail, X = eXtra successful (a trophy).

Y = yoga, Z = Zig zag expressed as a buzzing bee.