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Bloke Town


Imagine a town of 10 horizontal streets each with 100 shops. The same types of shop occur in a left to right sequence along each street: 100 shop types per street; but if you travel down to the street below your currentone, you will arrive at the same type of shop.

Each street has 10 blocks of 10 shops. I have designed a town with those characteristics and it is called Bloke Town. The shops have one street item outside them to help distinguish the shop fronts from each other. Each type of shop has its own icon positioned on it. So, for instance, a butcher's icon would be on one shop of each of the ten streets.

I designed a 1000 places before as graphics; and I have learned from that experience.

In the same way that the BLOKES System is 60 pictures at which you can imagine revision items in sequence, Bloke Town would be 1000 such memory places.

I am sure that it is only by giving someone a game to play within the town that someone will be motivated to visit the town places often enough to have a long term memory of the shops themselves and their positions in the town.

The games would have themes such as:

"Where did you see this person in the town?"

"What was a person in the town carrying / stood beside?"

The people or characters would be, for instance, the 100 people I drew as cartoon people (from an earlier lesson). So, the player would gradually develop a memory of the assets which comprise a big memory system.

I have put trivia information into the shop names and into other components of a shop image. So there is a general knowledge aspect to it too.

A video I made about Bloke Town and imagining places. It starts off looking at how numbers represented as letters are a way to think up memory places; and then it leads on to talking about Bloke Town..

See the shop titles of the 1000 shops.

Town places 000 to 099 Town places 100 to 199 Town places 200 to 299 Town places 300 to 399 Town places 400 to 499