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Calendar People


In the same way that a number can be represented by an image (and then the image imagined in a story that helps recall), a month date can be memorised by learning 366 images for the 366 days of a leap year.

The hair style (there are 12 just like there are 12 months in a year) indicates the month; the clothing top is a colour to represent 0 or 1 or 2 or 3; and the trousers are one of 10 colours for digits 0 to 9.

The hair colour is one of seven colours - a topic for another tutorial.

(The faces originate from software called Make Human - and I customise them further.)

The year 1945 could be memorised by using the image for 45 and hoping that my regular memory knows that the century is the 20th century: 19..

An imaginary story involving the January 1st person and the person who represents 45 would be a representation of January 1st 1945. Or you might use the icons from the 100 Town shops to represent 00 to 99 instead - in which case 45 is an envelope.

Note: Far down the 'People from 00 to 99' article, you see suggested images for the months from January to December. So that is a visual way of memorising a month rather than a date within a month.