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Calendar People


In the same way that a number can be represented by an image (and then the image imagined in a story that helps recall), a month date can be memorised by learning 366 images for the 366 days of a leap year.

The hair colour indicates the month; the clothing top is a colour to represent 0 or 1 or 2 or 3; and the trousers are one of 10 colours for digits 0 to 9.

(The faces are a work in progress (Dec 2018).)

The year 1945 could be memorised by using the image for 45 and hoping that my regular memory knows that the century is the 20th century: 19..

An imaginary story involving the January 1st person and the person who represents 45 would be a representation of January 1st 1945.

Note: Far down the 'People from 00 to 99' article, you see suggested images for the months from January to December. So that is a visual way of memorising a month rather than a date within a month.