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Just like you can remember a list of items in sequence by storing them at a sequence of places (eg.The BLOKES System places), you can memorise a pack of cards by having a visual image that means each card of a pack; and you might even imagine a jester to mean the joker card.

One way to do this is to look at the 00 to 99 people images and pick 52 people from there.

Below is a list of consonants and vowles which can construct syllables to match syllables in the 00 to 99 People System; so the 3 of Clubs can be consonant 3 and the vowel for Clubs:

3 is G (see below; Clubs is O. So look up GO person in the 00 to 99 People System: GOrdon Edison.

Prefix Card
Ch Ace
Sh 2
G 3
D 4
N 5
T 6
Z 7
S 8
F 9
B 10
J Jack
P Queen
C King

Spades A Green
Hearts E Red
Diamonds I Yellow
Clubs O Blue

I put colours beside suits because I want to test if actions combined with colour are a fast way to learn two cards at once.

When I implement a system of over 2500 cards (see the article about a 5000 system), I will be on my way to representing two cards in one image.