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History People


I wanted to have a visual way to express a timeline of history: to express the year of birth of 1000 historical people represented within features of 1000 images of people.

I have found 100 face shapes; and if I customise each one in 10 ways (10 types of hairstyle for men and 10 types of hairstyle for women) then I can have 1 face image for 1000 people. These cartoon people would be narrators - each narrating about one person in history (the historical person may be male while the narrator is female). Revising them would be like revising a portion of history but the images could also be used to visually represent numbers from 000 to 999.

I need to find 1000 people in history and arrange their occurrence in chronological order; and then number them 000 to 999.

Their year of relevance can be expressed as 3 digits which I can visually represent as hair colour or clothing on the narrator image. Eg. 1234 AD or 1234 BC could just have the 234 focused on. Contextual knowledge of where the person broadly occurs in history should allow deduction of the 1xxx BC or 1xxx AD. Thse 3 digits may be used to express:

1 of 10 hair colours of the narrator;

1 of 10 outfits of the narrator;

1 of 10 clothing colours for that outfit;

The strict visualisation method of 100 faces and a looping sequence of 10 hairstyles would also be good for the 1000 vocabulary image system of another lesson. It would be efficient to have these 1000 people not only represent narrators of history but also to represent the 1000 vocabulary list.