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Maths Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication


If you look back at the 'Person 0 to 9' article, you see that I used letters of the alphabet to mean digits from 0 to 9.

I believe that mathematics is easier for some people if they speak maths rather than picture it. Let us say that:

B is 0

Ch is 1

Sh is 2

G is 3

D is 4

N is 5

T is 6

K is 7

S is 8

F is 9

Let us say that one of those digits needs adding to another digit; and let that other digit be expressed as:

0. O (sounds like o in 'pot')

1. I (sounds like i in 'pit')

2. A (sounds like a in 'pat')

3. E (sounds like e in 'pet')

4. U (sounds like u in 'tune')

5. W is oo (eg. the sound in 'hoot')

6. Y is ie (eg. the sound in 'pie')

7. Z is ee (eg. the sound in 'peep')

8. X is ah (eg. the sound in 'park')

9. V is u (eg. the sound in 'pun')

If you want to calculate 5+4, it can be expressed as NU which sounds like the word 'New'.

If you have learned already that the answer is 9 (the 'F' sound') then you can do maths without actually working with numbers.

Similarly, you can learn the result of subtracting two digits; and achieve subtraction by sound rather than by vision.

I have other ideas about calculations. I like the idea of counting in 50s. So, if you add 45 and 47 (=92), you would note that the answer is at least 50 or higher; and you would know from memory the remainder of 92-50: learn the 42.

You could tot up a lot of 2 column numbers, noting the 50s being passed, and then re-introduce all the 50s when presenting the final answer.

Another idea is two digit multiplication: there would be 5000 person images numbered from 0000 to 4999.

The hair or hat and the colour has an encrypted 3 digit meaning; and the outfit and colour has encrypted 3 digit meaning too.

If you need to calculate 47 x 49, person 4749 would have 3 digits of the answer encrypted as one of the hat or hair styles; and its colour.

If you need to calculate 97 x 49, you subtract 50 from the 97 to get 47; and then look up person 4749 who would have 3 digits of the answer encrypted as an outfit and outfit colour.

Each of these people has a first name based on two syllables of the Town 100 syllables; and

Each of these people (with a 0 to 49 x 0 to 49 aspect) has a surname which is a syllable representing the remainder when a 50s addition is done. Eg. 45 + 47 has a carrier and 42 syllable represented in the surname. The prefix O' could indicate the carrier.