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Picture Frame 10,000


This article is about hiding numbers in a picture and its containing frame; in that way, the overall picture has an ordinal position in a list of pictures.

A coloured picture frame and its shape might be used to represent 2 digits of the ordinal position of a peg location picture; and the picture the frame holds can indicate another 2 digits.

Imagine a coloured picture frame and a photo of a focused upon subject.

I came up with at least 25 photography topic categories that could be the focus of a photo. For example, a flower.

But I distinguish the flower's position: is it on the left of the photo, the middle, the right; or does it span the whole photo?: 4 options for the 25 topics; which is a way to represent 4 x 25 = 100 ordinal pieces of information.

The picture frame can be 1 of 10; and its colour can be 1 of 20.

If a peg location is within the first 50 of 100 images then use the 0-9 colours to represent 00.., 01.., 02.., 03.., 04.., 05.., 06.., 07.., 08.. and 09..; eg. 0920 uses colour set 00 to 09 because 20 is less than 50; but if the peg location is 0970 then the 70 is bigger than or equal to 50; so colour set 10 to 19 gets used.

The 00.. ordinal uses frame shape 0, The 01.. ordinal uses frame shape 1, the 02 ordinal uses frame shape 2, etc..

0920, 0945, 0970 and 0995 are all 25 apart and use the same photo topic; but the photo will focus the topic on the left/middle/right/span all depending on whether it is ..20, ..45, ..70 or ..95 .

In this way, I can grab photos from the internet of common topics and shape them in a coloured frame to make a stylised image of a picture in a frame. It should be a great peg image because it has a simplicity and uniqueness.

Suggested topics to base the 25 categories on:

No# Topic
00 Airplanes
01 Antiques (not jewellery), sculpture
02 Aquatic animals and marine life (not fish)
03 Bikes and motorbikes
04 Birds
05 Boats
06 Cars and modern road vehicles (not bike-related)
07 Dinosaurs and reptiles
08 Electrical household items
09 Fish
10 Flowers (not emphasising a tree)
11 Fruit, vegetables, recipes
12 Insects
13 Jewellery
14 Land animals (not reptiles)
15 Microscopic views
16 Modern architecture
17 Modern furniture
18 Musical instruments
19 Old architecture
20 Other - eg. household non-electrical items
21 Rugs, cushions, furnishings
22 Space vehicles and the cosmos
23 Trains and engines
24 Trees (not zoomed in on a flower)