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Shorthand (big vocabulary list)


This is the first page of the shorthand system which I write about in the Shorthand article of . That Shorthand article introduces and completes the tutorial.

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Word Code Default meaning Comment 2 Comment 3 Comment 4
why 0

how 1

because 2

what 3

for 4

where 5

or 6

when 7

and 8

if 9

a / an A

although A0

acid A1

alkaline A2

act A3 theatrical acting behave Perform a duty to be 'on duty'
already A4

angle A5

around A6 around the outside approximately

also A7

anything A8

able A9

always AA

about AB

absorb AB2

ability AB3

according AC

active AC2

action AC3 action: behaviour carried out legal action

accept AC4 accept an offering accept a point of view or idea

accommodation AC5

across AC6

accident AC7 unintended injury chance occurrence

accuse AC8

activate AC9

add AD plus gain

advice AD2

adult AD3

admit AD4 to admit an action to confess to a bad action to allow in
above AE

after AF

affect AF2

afford AF3

again AG

against AG2 touching anti-

agree AG3

agreement AG4 legal agreement agreement

age AG5 how old something is become older

aggression AG6 aggression aggravate

anyhow AH

aim AI try to align target ambition

air AI2 air - possibly more general than just oxygen oxygen

ask AK ask a question ask for (request) wonder challenge assumption
all AL

alone AL2

allow AL3

alive AL4

alcohol AL5

ally AL6

accelerate AL7

alert AL8 wide awake an alarm alert a warning
am AM

amaze AM2

among AM3

an AN

animal AN1

angry AN2

anti- AN3

annoy AN4

ankle AN5

anyone AO

appear AP seem become present arrive
approximate AP2

approve AP3

apart AP4 not in the same place

appropriate AP5 appropriate appropriate for

alphabet AP6

ape AP7

appearance AP8 how something looks

acquire AQ to obtain

arrange AR put in order make a booking

area AR2

arm AR3

arts AR4

argument AR5 disagreement but aggressive logical argument

as AS

associate AS2 mentally associate mix with people associate within a business service
ascend AS3

access AS4

asset AS5

at AT

attention AT2 mental focus mental focus from another on to oneself

attract AT3

attitude AT4 one's behavioural approach

athlete AT5

atom AT6

attack AT7

attribute AT8 one of the attributes to attribute

authority AU

aunt AU2 immediate family aunt

avoid AV

available AV2

achieve AV3

anywhere AW

aware AW2 be self-aware the information is not news

award AW3

axel AX

away AY

activity AY2

so B

best B0

be a B1

better B2 superior improved health

buy B3

before B4 before (occurs earlier in time) in front of

bad B5

to be B6

to be a B7

to be the B8

branch B9 of a tree to branch out

back BA rear support returned spine
background BA2 not foreground context not at the forefront of your attention
balance BA3 equilibrium balanced sense of well being accounting balance
ball BA4 sphere ball for a game

baby BB

become BC

behind BD

budget BD2 budget allowance (as credit to purchase with)

be BE

bend BE2

belong BE3

because of BF

benefit BF2

big BG

bag BG2

behave BH good manners function

birth BI

bill BI2

backward BK backwards

brick BK2

break (2) BK3 break a law

below BL

blood BL2

biology BL3

blow BL4 blow (air) a landing blow in a fight

blind BL5

blame BL6

bottom BM

bump BM2 bump (curvature on a surface) collide and bounce

ban BN

bone BN2

both BO

body BO2 whole of a human or creature's body human body the overall dimensions of an object a machine's body
boil BO3

border BO4

boss BO5 chief / head / manager

bore BO6

bounce BO7

bother BO8 irritate make the effort

bring BR

breathe BR2

borrow BR3

brother BR4

bright BR5 light intensity intelligent

break BR6 stop being whole stop functioning a rest a holiday
board BR7 a thin rectangular or square object

brush BR8

brave BR9

busy BS

bus BS2

bias BS3

bit BT

bitter BT2

boat BT3

bottle BT4

beauty BT5

bite BT6

beat BT7 beat (win against) beat (a drum) beat (pulse eg. heart)
but BU

burn BU2

build BU3

building BU4 a building a structure

bury BU7

burn out BU8 exhausting or using up (not just a fire)

business BU9 a company business as in the world of business

believe BV

between BW

box BX a type of container

by BY

boy BY2

boyfriend BY3

her C

claim C2 purport a right to an asset

call C3

clear C4 tidy up not foggy a clear understanding blank as opposed to null
change C5

complete C6 whole finish off

cause C7

colour (color) C8

carry C9 carry

cancel CA

catch CA2 capture. eg. catch a fish be caught in a trap or prison catch a ball catch: part of a door, for example
carriage CA3 train carriage lorry carriage other vehicle carriage the act of carrying
calendar CA4

car CA5

combination CB

concern CC is to do with: it concerns to have an interest in a subject a worry
circle CC2

conceive CC3 early life stage to picture a concept

could CD

cold CD2 cold temperature cold causing sneezes

credible CD3

correct CE

centre CE2

centi- CE3

celebrate CE4

censor CE5

comfortable CF physically comfortable comfortable with an idea or with a suggestion

clarify CF2

category CG

cough CG2

congratulate CG3

ceiling CG4

choose CH

child CH2

chemical CH3

chop CH4

check CH5 test a state

challenge CH6 challenge challenge a person challenge an idea
choke CH7

cheek CH8 be cheeky part of the face

character CH9 how someone is in their approach and nature a fictional being

certain CI

chain CI2 a chain in general an engineering chain a jewellery chain a chain of ideas
close CL not near opposite of open a closeness in human relationship
climb CL2

cloud CL3

clean CL4 not dirty tidy up

clothing CL5

collapse CL6

calculate CL7 mathematics kind work out mentally

culture CL8 culture biology lab culture culture sophistication
cool CL9 to cool all right; acceptable more than all right
come CM

communicate CM2

compress CM3

complain CM4

crime CM5

comment CM6 give an opinion

compatible CM7

common CM8 not rare

can CN able tin

count CN2

contain CN3 contain containment (keeping within the confines) contents (what is inside)
container CN4 container in general container one associates with a lid container like a basin
constant CN5

contrast CN6

cone CN7

conscience CN8

confuse CN9

comma CO

condition CO2 clause quality: in good or bad condition adapt through repetition
convince CO3

confident CO4

co-operate CO5

conclude CO6 make a conclusion come to an end

connect CO7 physically connect mentally associate

collect CO8 collect collection

compare CP

computer CP2

cope CP3

copy CP4 to copy forgery

capable CP5

crop CP6

compete CP7 compete competition to take part in

cup CP8

companion CP9

consequence CQ

care CR

cry CR2

cross CR3 as a verb a shape of right angle intersection

crack CR4

corner CR5

criterion CR6

criticise CR7

creep CR8

crawl CR9

consider CS to think about a concept to think about a person's welfare

cost CS2

careless CS3

chest CS4 body chest

conclusive CS5

case CS6 legal case travel case

course CS7 a course of lessons

cut CT

correlate CT2

control CT3

commit CT4 to guarantee that one will do something

cotton CT5

connotation CT6

continue CU

curve CU2

cube CU3

current CU4 at the moment electrical current

column CU5 column in general vertical column in a table of data architectural column
clue CU6

curl CU7

cousin CU8

crunch CU9

cover CV cover a cover or lid cover a discussion point overlap
convert CV2

creative CV3

conversation CV4

canvas CV5 surface of artwork

convenient CV6

controversial CV7

chew CW

context CX

complex CX2

cycle CY a cyclic process a cycle vehicle such as a bicycle

cylinder CY2

creepy crawly CY3 a lifeform about the size of an insect that moves on or under the ground

contrary CY4

contradict CY5

currency CY6

these D

do a / does a D1

decide D2 decide decisive decision
die D3

did the D4

do the / does the D5

to do D6

did a D7

doubt D8

day DA

damn DA2

data DA3

dance DA4

dare DA5

daughter DA6

decibel DB

distribute DB2

debt DB3

disable DB4

disability DB5 disability disabled (human)

direct DC straight give instructions

decorate DC2

declare DC3 divulge announce a speech
document DC4

decrease DC5 decrease

decay DC6 rot become less and less in substance (via entropy)

decimal DC7 decimal system

did DD

dead DD2

dedicate DD3

deadly DD4 lethal

disorder DD5 disorder (not working properly) chaos medical complaint (see complain)
drilldown DD6 into detail

de DE

despite DE2

death DE3

describe DE4

define DE5

deserve DE6

delay DE7

device DE8

detain DE9

differ DF different

defend DF2

defeat DF3

differentiate DF4

defy DF5

defect DF6 something wrong

draft DF7 an early version

deaf DF8

during DG

digital DG2

diagram DG3

dig DG4

degree DG5 angle of the 360 kind degree unit in another context

danger DG6

disappoint DI2

disapprove DI3

disrupt DI4

disassemble DI5

discard DI6 throw away

disregard DI7 assign no value to an instruction or to advice

discover DI8 to encounter unintentionally to find out

disrespect DI9

dark DK dark dark moody atmosphere

deliver DL

damage DM

dim DM2 light intensity stupidity

dimension DM3 dimension axis of a graph parameter of a databse
demand DM4 how much something is wanted insist (see 'insist')

done DN

deny DN2 deny knowledge deny a request

daunt DN3 (daunting task)

denominator DN4

do DO

door DO2 door (physical) door (figurative logical) doorway
domicile DO3

depend DP it depends for success person depends on something or someone

deep DP2 depth dimension into distance and foreground depth downwards intense
deploy DP3

displace DP4 displacement as a knock-on effect

depress DP5 depress (make sad) depress (not just sad but mental illness)

doctor DR

direction DR2

drink DR3 drink (v) a drink

drop DR4 verb a drop like a drop of water

drain DR5

draw DR6 do art even result

drag DR7 drag along a surface

drug DR8 a drug

drama DR9 eventful happening acting (theatre)

dispose of DS

dismantle DS2

disagree DS3

descend DS4

disease DS5 disease infectious disease non-infectious disease flu without herd immunity
disadvantage DS6

disappear DS7 vanish go away

discipline DS8 control over behaviour strict

distinguish DS9 tell the difference

difficult DT

detail DT2

detect DT3

deity DT4

due [meanings: pending/due to] DU

divide DV divide division (mathematics) division (of an organisation) divisive
derive DV2

develop DV3 develop development

deviate DV4

dissolve DV5 dissolve disband

drive DV6 drive (vehicle) drive (self-motivation)

down DW

dry DY

dirty DY2

destroy DY3

discuss DZ to discuss to debate the pros and cons

they E

-ed to E2

either E3

exclude E4

examine E5

ever E6

explain E7

everything E8

earn EA

east EA2

eat EA3 eat human or animal eats generally, consume energy
early EA4

Earth EA5 planet Earth earth (soil)

easy going EA6

elbow EB

each EC

edge ED

enter EE

entrance EE2

effect EF what is caused effects for drama such as special effects

effort EF2

effective EF3 effective effectively - doing something to a good standard effectively - achieves a result by a different means
efficient EF4

eg. EG

egg EG2

enough EH

eject EJ

enjoy EJ2

else EL

electricity EL2

electric EL3

electronic EL4

emotion EM feelings

embarrass EM2

empty EM3 remove contents null

empathy EM4

employ EM5

end EN

energy EN2

entertain EN3

enemy EN4

enforce EN5

encourage EN6

enable EN7

escape EP to escape successfully to be in the process of running away

explode EP2

epidemic EP3

expression EP4 facial expression

express EP5 express an idea or emotion express as communication express as a display (eg. art) without needing an audience
expose EP6 expose expose a wrong expose to a weakening environment (exposure) put on exhibition
equal EQ is the same as

era ER

ear ER2

error ER3

easy ES

especially ES2

essential ES3 essential essentially as 'needed for a reason' essentially as 'not polished but done'
etc. ET

ethic ET2

exit ET3

ethnic ET4

even EV even as a type of emphasis equal not an odd number
evaluate EV2

evidence EV3

event EV4 social event occurrence

eventual EV5

everywhere EW

ex EX

extreme EX2

experience EX3 verb experienced (capability from experience) adventure
expect EX4 expect expectation (not necessarily predicted) expect (as a consequence of the rules of a system) await (wait for)
excrete EX5 excrete excrement excretion
excite EX6 stimulate stimulate happiness

exercise EX7 keep fit task

excuse EX8 as in 'excuse me' to introduce oneself

extra EX9 beyond normal amount

every EY

eye EY2

this F

fear F2

find F3

fast F4

few F5 opposite of many a few (3 but not much more) a count of three
fair F6 a sense of what is right

flu F7

far F8

fact FA

faith FA2

family FA3

father FA4

False FA5

fall FA6 fall fall off fall out Autumn
farm FA7

fantasy FA8 a fiction

fault FA9 someone's fault blame

face FC the face on a head to face a situation

factor FC2 part of what contributed to a decision a whole number factor of a bigger number

field FD

feel FE sense texture emotions level of wellness
female FE2

fertile FE3

ferment FE4

fifty FF

finger FG

fight FG2

forgive FG3

Note that the Town 100 has 100 broad topic categories which should fuse with this system.