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The AA to ZZ System


If you have a memorised sequential list of locations to imagine then each essay point or revision item of your syllabus can be imagined at each of those places. However, you would, ideally, want 1000s of such places to be in your memory already.

We can use the BLOKES system (described earlier) to explore the idea of memorising a sentence by using images which represent the Shorthand system from the previous lesson.

In that shorthand lesson, AU is shorthand for 'order' ; there is an AA to ZZ system lesson earlier in this course where AU can be represented as a particular actor from a comedy movie. Let's say that it is Harold Lloyd from the days of black and white movies. By imagining him at place 5 in the Blokes system (an electric light) then that is like storing AU as word 5 in a sentence. How you imagine the person is up to you; maybe the person is hanging on to the ceiling light or maybe the person is miniature and able to stand insect-size on the top of the light.

What about if a 2 character shorthand code is a digit and a letter (or a letter and a digit)?

D5 is 'during' in the shorthand. I have made a system for representing a letter followed by a digit:

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an animal type such as a baboon. There can then be 10 colourful examples of a baboon as cartoon images to represent the 0 to 9 instances of a letter followed by a digit.

5D is 'where these' and can also be represented by one of 10 animal examples.

Below are example cartoon images for representing a digit and letter or a letter and a digit:

List of all 520 animal images.