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Shorthand from the letter H onwards:

I or me I
its I2
it's I3
I'll I4
into I5
it will I6
it is I7
it was I8
information I9
idea IA
include IC
if IF
imagine IG
inside II
I'm IM
in IN
intend / intent/ intention IO
important IP
is IS
it IT
involve IV
those J
journey J1
justice J8
job JB
join JO
justify JS
just JU
that K
key K0
keep K1
knew K5
almost K7
anybody K9
kind KI
kind of K3
know KN
his L
late L0
leave L1
lie L3
listen L4
likely L7
level L8
large L9
last LA
let LE
like LK
left LF
little LI
look L5
limit LM
lend LN
less LS
lot LT
love LU
live LV
lose LZ
my M
may MA
mean M1
main M3
maybe M5
more M7
many MN
me ME
much MH
middle MI
major MJ
make MK
most MO
measure MS
might MT
must MU
move MV
my / mine MY
no N
nature N0
need N1
negative N2
new N5
note N6
nor N7
now NA
number NB
nice NC
next NE
nothing NG
neither NH
night NI
name NM
none NN
near NR
not NT
never NV
nowhere NW
nobody NY
other O
of a O1
opinion O2
only O3
outside O4
once O5
out O7
of the O9
odd OD
one OE
of OF
off OG
old OL
opposite OP
or OR
onto OT
over OV
owe OW
it is P
pay P0
piece P1
perhaps P2
piece P3
place P4
poor P7
purpose P8
part PA
problem PB
person PE
point PN
possible PO
put PU
positive PV

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