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Shorthand from the letter Q onwards:

any Q
could have Q0
is a Q1
are a Q2
quite Q3
is the Q4
are the Q5
can the Q6
could the Q7
could you Q9
quick QK
question QU
another R
reach R0
read R1
ready R2
result R4
around R6
rest R7
regular R8
rather RA
receive RC
recommend RD
relate RE
refer RF
regard RG
right RI
real RL
remember RM
result RO
respect RS
return RT
run RU
reverse RV
really RY
reason RZ
some S
stage S0
see S1
sell S2
show S3
stop S4
soon S5
some of S6
shall S7
sound S8
say S9
same SA
somebody SB
success SC
should SD
since SE
safe SF
sign SG
somehow SH
similar SI
subject SJ
still SL
smell SM
someone SN
so SO
specific SP
start SR
sense SS
sometimes ST
such SU
somewhere SW
say SY
size SZ
it T
than T0
to a T1
two T2
type T3
then T4
too T5
true T6
talk T7
touch T8
to the T9
take T0
test TE
thing TG
think TK
tell TL
time TM
to TO
top TP
times TS
try TU
typical TY
our U
unknown U3
unless U4
unusual U5
usual U7
understand UD
use UE
useful UF
up UP
under UR
us US
until UT
usually UY
the V
various V0
view V4
variety V9
value VA
very VE
visit VI
we [/us] W
wait W0
weak W1
went W2
why W3
while W4
wish W5
work W7
whereas W8
watch W9
want WA
which WC
would WD
we WE
wrong WG
whether WH
with WI
will WL
want WO
word WR
was WS
without WT
wonder WU
will the WV
way WY
there X
their or theirs X0
may be X1
might be X2
is a / are a X3
is the X4
was a / were a X5
was the X6
there is a X7
there was a X8
there has been X9
there can XB
to be a XC
to be the XD
could be a XF
could be the XG
it could be XH
it would be XJ
it will be XK
it should be XL
you Y
yet Y1
yesterday Y2
you'd Y3
you'll Y4
you Y5
are you Y6
you're Y7
you've Y9
yes YE
yourself YF
your YO
yours YS
young YU
too Z
slow ZL
whose Z2
was a Z3
was the Z4
whom Z5
sort Z6
sort of Z7
type of Z6

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