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The Town 100 System


The list of shops and places below are in a deliberate order: the sequential order of the 100 syllables (which was presented in an earlier lesson).

For instance, BA is the first syllable of the 100 syllable system; and BA is a prompt for the town building that is a Bank (BAnk).

I wanted the places to be diverse in their theme and sometimes I just had to put a business type next to a syllable that has no spelling similarity - just to achieve a diverse list of 100 places.

I made an icon image for each type of shop. So wall decorator is represented by an image of a brush, for instance; and I placed the icons within shop shapes; so it is a town of rows of shops or places of interest.

The intention is that I can visualise these 'shops' and memorise images for facts at these places; then I can recall the items in order by mentally visiting the shops in sequential order. I would use real world or realistic examples of these shops rather than the icons you see here.

Here is an enlarged view (I lose the town shape just to display them bigger)

The colours I use have changed over time. I now use the following colour chart when making new art for the memory course (note that each colour has a number against it):