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People from 00 to 99


Why have 100 syllables for numbers 00 to 99

My aim was to make a memory system which would be useful in a lot of learning situations. I wanted features which would be useful for somebody entering a memory competition; and there will be uses of the syllables as syllable pairs which will help with doing memory stunts and memory competition activities. A system like that would also be useful for learning foreign languages which use pairs of some of those 100 syllables. Since BA is 00, BABA would be the number 0000: it is that vision of having 10000 images to represent a lot of data. It is a work in progress and I will not say more about it now.

With 100 syllables, I did see that, by making an imaginary town of 100 shops - each based on one of the 100 syllables - that could be a nice ordered way to recall the locations in sequence and to memorise exam facts at those imaginary locations. Furthermore, the shops could have maybe 5 photo images each so that an extra 500 locations could be in that ordered sequence. For instance, a LIbrary (LI syllable) could have 5 photos found by searching the internet for photos of libraries; then you could learn the 5 photos in sequence; then imagine exam facts at them.

After I had that idea, I came up with an idea for having 3000 imaginary places - it does not need the 100 syllables at all; and I will write about it a bit further on.

If you are using this site to be able to quickly have a good memory for exams then you might as well stop at this point. The flash cards and other methods already recommended are good approaches in general to revising facts for exams.

If you want to study for a long time but end up with the ability to memorise 1000s of facts efficiently then stick with the course.

I am deploying it slowly. So you might feel happier using someone else's course in the meantime; but this course will be about as good as it gets... when I finish writing it!

It will lead to better foreign language learning than traditional memory books offer, in my opinion.

I think that a memory course should be a school subject all to itself. It takes a long time to learn a useful memory system; but it can make revision easy in a lot of subjects.