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Female 1000 System


Below are how cartoon women are described by their features.

The clothes 0-9 choice is the hundreds digit; and the clothes top colour is the tens digit; and the clothes bottom half's colour is the units digit of the three digit number.

Facial features: wrinkles beside eyes, straight eyebrows, eye bags, angled eyebrows, nose mark, red cheeks, arched eyebrows, longer eyelashes, freckles, earphones.

If a shorthand code starts with a letter and then a digit then the digit will imply colour 12 or 21: even number digits use colour 'SH' and odd number digits use colour 'CH'.

I used an antilog table to get 4 digits that are represented as facial effect, eyes choice, nose choice, mouth choice.

Skin colour follows the usual 100 system that you see in other 100 people systems.

The first name of the person is not a real name but just a spelling that might be handy as a way to memorise a new spelling of a term I may come across while studying.

The 'Word' column is the person's surname.

Other mnemonics solutions can be built on the back of this system:

Each person can have attributes such as a silly sentence which is a type of acrostic.

Here is the table of values that the Female 1000 people will be shaped by:

Women 1000 Table