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Consonant Vowel Consonant (and Beyond)


I got thinking about learning 3 letter combinations: AAA-ZZZ; but then I thought that what people most want are consonant vowel consonant 3 letter combinations since so many words start with that pattern. Eg. CON for 'concentrate', 'continue' but CNO or NCO would be less useful a 3 letter combination to know as a memory image.

But then I thought that, when I attempt shorthand, I sometimes remove vowels from a word and wrute a few consonants as a quick way to write a word. Eg. WRT rather than 'WRiTe'; or CNC as a prompt for 'CoNCentrate'.

So a system for memorising 3 characters, in general, would be useful; but it would be huge.

I played with the idea of giving the 1000 cartoon men and 1000 cartoon women three letter first names; that way, in a lot of situations, a three letter spelling can be represented by one image. If a three letter combination is not in those systems then you need another approach.

eg. Having a system of AA-ZZ images; and adding an A-Z image just after the AA-ZZ image. Eg. CBA would be "CB" image followed by "A" image.

Then I thought about cartoon robot images (an idea I have been trying to find a use for, for some time); and I thought:

A robot body type can total 26 so that each body type represents the first letter of a 3 letter code;

Robot eyes can have 26 ways of being drawn: to represent the second letter of a 3 letter code; and

There can be 26 add-on additional details to a head which represent the third letter of a 3 letter code.

To add variety, a 'roll drum' effect of rotating through 27 colours and 11 head shapes would occur at AAA, AAB, AAC, etc. all the way to ZZZ; but the aim is not to expect me to know an image for every 3 letter code: I am mainly interested in commonly occurring prefixes like 'Pre', 'Tre', etc.. Even so, that would be over a 1000 robot images.

Here are some prototype images:

The 3 letter word robot could become a 4 letter word robot if you add a reflexive action to it:

4th Letter Action
A Affirmative nod
E Electric sparks from the head
I Torso spin 360 degrees
O Oscillation side to side of hips
U Head spin 360 degrees
L Shoulders shudder in a shrug motion
N Neck bends to the side and back upright
R Hands spin around at the wrists
S Steam emits from the head
T Wrists extend a hand's length and back again
Other Neck extends a neck's length and back again

So if the robot itself represents POL, the I reflexive action would make it represent POLI. If the action is 'Other' (brief neck extension) then the POL is followed by a letter not already listed such as Y, T, V.

Note: I wrote another article about representing spellings of three letters. It is the Music Spelling article.