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Digit Pair Acrostics


If you have a number that is definitely an even number of digits long (such as the last 10 digits of a mobile phone number) then you could use an acrostic to remember the number - but using a system where each word represents 2 digits. In that way, a 5 word acrostic represents 5 times 2 digits; ie. a 10 digit number.

The article about People 00 to 99 has a spelling range that is associated with each two digit number. So an acrostic based on that can represent the numbers.

1234 would use Darren for 12 and Justin for 24: "C ; I-N" and "G / Z; T,U,W-Z".

"Clever Guy" would be a way to express 1234: C followed by 'l' is in the range "C ; I-N"; and G followed by 'u' is in the range "G / Z; T,U,W-Z".

You could decide that some people's names should represent digits from 0 to 9; then, including one of those people in an ascrostic sentence would help you to represent a number that has an an odd number of digits.

How would we represent the year 1492? Maybe "1492 was a 'CUrious TIme'. If you look back at the 'People from 00 to 99' article then you see that the CU is 14 and the TI is 92.

Related to this is 'Goroawase' - a Japanese mnemonics method that you can research.