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People from 00 to 99


People for Numbers 00 to 99

If you need to memorise something numerical like a birthday date then it is good to be able to imagine an image which represents the date. Maybe you would decide that 366 days of a year need 366 images; or you might break up the day from the month and memorise an image for the day (1 to 31) and an image for the month (1 to 12 of those covering January to December).

Here are images for 00 to 99. I make the people's names relevant to the number they represent. So the first name is not random - its first syllable is special to the number next to the name - and is relevant to other parts of my memory sytem.

So Bazil who represents 02 needs his first name to begin BA....

Benny needs a first name to begin BE..

(You you can use images of other people if you like.)

(You can ignore the surnames until you get to the 'Scripted Sentences' article.)

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Digits Syllable First Name Surname
00 BO Boris Across
01 BI Bill Happy
02 BA Bazil Aware
03 BE Benny Happen
04 BU Burt Again
05 CHO Cho Know
06 CHI Chico Remember
07 CHA Charles Feel
08 CHE Chester Believe
09 CHU Chu Wonder
10 DO Donald People
11 DI Dillon Accepted
12 DA Darren Generally
13 DE Derek Expect
14 DU Dudley Likely
15 FO Fox Favourite
16 FI Fiona History
17 FA Fabio Say
18 FE Felix Keen
19 FU Fu Have-to
20 GO Gordon Impressed
21 GI Gilbert More
22 GA Gary Sure
23 GE George Suspicious
24 GU Guss Tell
25 HO Howard Wait
26 HI Hilary Concede
27 HA Harry Doubt
28 HE Helen Feeling
29 HU Hugh Heard
30 JO Jo Hope
31 JI Jim Imagine
32 JA Jane Learn
33 JE Jenny Like
34 JU Justin Need
35 KO Koby Realise
36 KI Kiaran Chance
37 KA Kane Never
38 KE Ken Nutshell
39 KU Kurt Conclusion
40 LO Lorenzo Opinion
41 LI Liam Possible
42 LA Lawrence Prove
43 LE Leona Irritate
44 LU Lucy Absurd
45 MO Morris Almost
46 MI Mike Clear
47 MA Martina Fine
48 ME Melvin Important
49 MU Muriel Appreciated
50 NO Noel Fault
51 NI Nick Surprise
52 NA Nathan Rare
53 NE Neil Relevant
54 NU Nu Strange
55 PO Pol Time
56 PI Pierce Well
57 PA Pat Good
58 PE Perry Perfect
59 PU Pu Wise
60 RO Ron Hard
61 RI Rita Normal
62 RA Rachel Let
63 RE Rex Discuss
64 RU Rupert Issue
65 SO Solomon Before
66 SI Simone Nobody
67 SA Saul Guess
68 SE Sean Intend
69 SU Sudhir Plan
70 SHO Sho Best
71 SHI Shi Some
72 SHA Shane Someone
73 SHE Sheldon Outcome
74 SHU Shu Thing
75 TO Tony Point
76 TI Tim Main
77 TA Tarquin Situation
78 TE Terry Worst
79 TU Tu There
80 VO Vo Way
81 VI Victor They
82 VA Valerie Prepare
83 VE Vernon Experience
84 VU Vu Manage
85 WO Woody Too
86 WI Wilma Relieve
87 WA Wanda Satisfy
88 WE Wesley Find
89 WU Wu Refuse
90 YO Yoshi Think
91 YI Yima Mean
92 YA Yan What
93 YE Yefet Change
94 YU Yuki Nervous
95 ZO Zoran Whatever
96 ZI Ziad Explain
97 ZA Zak Who
98 ZE Zebedee Would
99 ZU Zubin Free


To memorise a friend's birthday, they can picture a person from that list doing one of the actions below:

You can imagine the person whose birthday it is doing one of the following actions to the person whose number from 1 to 31 matches the person's birthday day. If you can remember the story then you are effectively also remembering the person's birthday since the month and day of the month are encoded in the story:

Month Action which presents the month in a story-telling action to help describe the birthday
January Jangles (sounds like January) an orange tambourine at the person whose birthday it is
February Places a yellow thermometer into the person whose birthday it is
March Puts a green traveller's cape on the person whose birthday it is
April Throws dark pink bananas towards the person whose birthday it is
May (May sounds like Mail). Delivers navy blue envelope to the person whose birthday it is
June (June sounds slightly like jug) Person pours water from a brown jug and serves it to the person whose birthday it is
July (July sounds like jewel). Puts a pink jewel necklace on the person whose birthday it is.
August Plays organ keys of a light grey organ near the person whose birthday it is.
September (September sounds like Separate). Person uses a magnet to repel the person whose birthday it is.
October (October sounds like octopus). Person uses 2 white octopus arms rather than arms to reach towards the person whose birthday it is.
November (November sounds like nova or new). Person snips a light brown 'ceremonial unveiling' ribbon that is near the person whose birthday it is.
December (December looks a bit like the spelling of 'decoration'). Person drapes a blue-purple paper chain on the person whose birthday it is.

Or, instead of using those 12 actions, you can look at the 000-999 actions article and use actions 001 to 012 as the actions which represent months.