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If you have 10 items to memorise about a topic then you can imagine an image that represents the topic; and then imagine the 10 items in a scene with the topic image.

This is quite 'noisey' visually. Instead, you could have one or two images imagined with the topic image; and they are clues that point you to a peg location or jingle song where the 10 items are expressed more fluidly.

If your peg places are enumerated then you could imagine your image for 800 occurring beside the topic image. That is like saying, "The 10 items begin at peg location 800; and may continue being listed at peg 801, 802, 803, etc..

Putting revision words as lyrics in a tune you know is a memory technique. If the 10 items are lyrics you have made for a well known song then you can imagine an image of the song title beside the topic image. Eg. 'London's Burning' might be a famous London Bridge on fire; then, you would recall to sing to yourself your lyrics from the modified old classic song: London's Burning.

I call this technique 'pointers' because you are not storing the facts but you are storing where to find the facts. ('Pointer' is also a word in computer software to do with finding the address where information is at.)