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Reduced Size Course


I think about the minimum that I think is worth learning about mnemonics: a minimum combination of lessons which would not take a very very long time to learn; and which would enable somebody to memorise facts and figures.

There needs to be a peg / location system: the places where the facts can be recallled in sequence; and

there need to be images to represent 0-9, A-Z, some or all of the AA-ZZ letter pair combinations.

And I think that acrostics are good; plus the way in which an acrostic can represent digits rather than letter prompts.

So I would like to make the Memory Bloke course open up at a reduced contents page and, if someone wants to dig deeper, then they can visit this course of many articles.

Which peg / location system would be the best one? I like the BLOKES article because it has 50 or so places and is not overwhelming. I like the Eleven Behaviours system because it looks like a low effort way to learn a lot of places in sequence.

For an AA-ZZ system, the Heroes system looks good because it consists of original images and no hassle for me in making sure that I have permission to re-use an image that I find on the internet.

The 0 - 9 images will be the characters who each use one of colours 0 to 9.

A to Z images were a quick system I drew up years ago; and think that any list of 26 images will be fine for that.

I think that the 520 animal people are worth learning - especially now that I see them as an additional 2 letter spelling prompts system.

Digits 00 to 99 could be taught as one system of 00 to 99 or as two systems of 00 to 99. If it is two sets then imagining an image from both systems at a scene would have an implied order in which to translate it back into a 4 digit number. The 00 to 99 people I drew years ago are ok. The other 100 people system would be either the History 100 people [who I am trying to replace in 2022 with newer images] or the cartoon people who represent chemical elements.

A 000 to 999 system is not essential since a 00-99 person in the same scene as a 0-9 person is like a three digit number. However, I want to make people feel that they are on the way to learning the bigger memory system. So I would promote the benefit of learning the 000 to 999 Woman system because the images can represent numbers, words or encourage the learning of a 1000 action system.