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Scripted Sentences


Some parts of this course assume that someone would undertake to learning 1000s of images of a system. For instance, there is a system of 5000 people.

There is software such as Metahuman which I am exploring to have a lot of variety in the faces; and it is taking time, in 2021. to make those face images.

But what would keep somebody motivated to learn that many faces (and clothed coloured bodies)? One idea I have is that each person can be pictured saying a sentence which is special to him or her; maybe that helps to make each face stand out; but what is so special about the sentences that someone would visit and revisit them?

It would have to be some kind of educational purpose involving revision notes, I think: each person is saying something that the person is keen to learn or to revise.

An idea I had is to have 100 beginnings of sentences that I would want to be comfortable being able to say in a foreign language. Eg. "I am sure that you ..."

The 100 starts of sentences would be enumerated from 00 to 99;

then, when I look at person 4423 of a 5000 person system, I can give him/her a sentence which begins with 'start-of-sentence 23' [the tail end of 4423] and include (in the rest of the sentence) a vocabulary word that is commonly used in language

I was motivated to ponder a 5000 scripted sentence system because, then, practising vocabulary would encourage me to revisit the faces of the 5000 people and memorise those as well.

The vocabulary can be from the 1000 word list systems which I have written about already - and a word can re-occur in another scripted sentence if it has a second dictionary meaning.

Here is a suggested list of 100 sentence starts:

Number Sentence Start Qn
00 All of the time, I come across
01 Are they happy with the ?
02 Are you aware that ?
03 Can you imagine what would happen if ?
04 Could you tell me again ?
05 Did you know that ?
06 Do you remember ?
07 Does he feel that ?
08 Everyone believes that
09 Everyone wonders why
10 Few people know that
11 Generally, it is accepted that
12 Generally, it is true to say that
13 He does not expect that
14 He is likely to
15 His favourite kind of
16 History shows that
17 How can you say that ?
18 I am always keen to
19 I am going to have to
20 I am impressed that
21 I am more happy than not that
22 I am sure that you
23 I am suspicious of
24 I can tell that
25 I can't wait for
26 I concede that
27 I doubt that
28 I have a feeling that
29 I have heard good things about
30 I hope that he can
31 I imagine that she will
32 I just learned that
33 I like to believe that
34 I need you to
35 I now realise that
36 I'd like the chance to
37 I've never heard of
38 In a nutshell,
39 In conclusion,
40 In my opinion,
41 Is it possible that
42 It has never been proven if
43 It irritates me that
44 It is absurd that
45 It is almost unknown for
46 It is clear that
47 It is fine that
48 It is important that
49 It is much appreciated that
50 It is my fault that
51 It is no surprise that
52 It is rare for
53 It is relevant that
54 It is strange that
55 It is time for
56 It is well known that
57 It would be good if
58 It would be perfect if
59 It would be wise to
60 It's hard to decide which
61 It's normal for
62 Let me know if
63 Let's discuss
64 My issue is that
65 Never before has
66 Nobody could be happier than us that
67 Nobody could have guessed that
68 She intends to
69 She is planning to
70 Some of the best kinds of
71 Some would say that
72 Someone must know if
73 The best outcome would be if
74 The best thing about
75 The main point I want to make is that
76 The main reason for this is that
77 The situation is that
78 The worst kind of
79 There is no point in
80 There is no way that
81 They are hoping to
82 They are not prepared to
83 They have no experience of
84 They've managed to
85 Too many times, we see that
86 We are relieved that
87 We are satisfied that
88 We need to find out if
89 We refuse to believe that
90 What do you think about ?
91 What does it mean if ?
92 What happened to ?
93 What has changed is the
94 What makes me nervous is when
95 Whatever happens, you must
96 Who can explain how ?
97 Who'd have thought that ?
98 Would you like someone to ?
99 You are free to

The 100 people introduced early in this course would have, as their surnames, words from those 100 start-of-sentences; like 'Sure' ['I am sure that you..'] so that I get to associate a number 00 to 99 with 100 sentence beginnings;